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Lip Clear® Lysine+

Cold Sore Articles:

Cold sore prevention

If you get cold sores frequently or even infrequently, you can practice cold sore prevention with our line of Lip Clear Lysine+ products. Understanding cold sore triggers can help you be on the lookout for potential outbreaks, as certain external factors can bring on an eruption. Once you understand and can anticipate these triggers, you can arm yourself with the right defenses. If the sore is inside your mouth, you should look into a canker sore remedy and prevention.

Cold sore prevention can be broken into two categories: prevention of contracting the herpes simplex virus and; preventing cold sore outbreaks if you have the herpes simplex virus. The first category deals with the transmission risks of the virus and the second category deals with avoiding triggers, staying healthy and using natural preventative medicines.

Here are some cold sore prevention measures to avoid contracting HSV:

  • Avoid coming into direct or indirect contact with someone showing symptoms of the HSV virus (cold sores or genital sores).

  • Avoid sharing fomites (inanimate objects on which the virus can live for a short time) such as towels or utensils

  • If you have children, a common method of wiping their face is licking your finger and using your hand. Instead, use a napkin and clean water. (Remember, you can have HSV and not show symptoms

Below are ways to avoid triggers that can cause cold sore outbreaks:

  • Avoid prolonged exposure to the sun. If prolonged exposure in unavoidable, make sure to use a UV protectant lip balm on your lips such as Lip Clear Coldstick with SPF 21.
  • Eat foods high in lysine such as chicken, eggs, cheese, milk, fish, potatoes, brewer's yeast, lima beans and soy products.

  • Avoid foods high in Arginine such as peanuts, chocolate, raisons, cereal grains, seeds, gelatin and carob.

  • Always find ways to reduce stress. Stress is the number 1 trigger of cold sore outbreaks. Some examples of stress relief include finding someone to confide in and talk to, reducing workload, spas and massages, or taking a vacation (don’t forget your lip balm!)

  • Good eating habits and good nutrition not only helps you feel better but also raises your immune system. If your immune system is strong, is has an easier time keeping the herpes simplex virus in check, lessening the chances of an outbreak.

  • As much as possible, avoid irritation of the mouth. Avoid touching or scratching your lips or chewing your fingernails

  • Use a new toothbrush after an outbreak.

  • Use the Lysine or a lysine dietary supplement formula on a daily or periodic basis, as needed.

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